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Welcome to the de Freitas family Web site!

We welcome visitors from all branches of the de Freitas family worldwide. Primarily, however, this site is a point of contact for the Guyana branch, and in particular, the descendants of Simoa Silvestre de Freitas, their spouses and related families including such names as Baldwin, Bettencourt, Brackenbury, Correia, de Souza, Foster, Gomes, Gonsalves, Mendes, Murphy, Serrao, Watkinson and so on. We are a large family and so there are dozens of cousins who are only vaguely aware of each other.

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Notes: You must register to use the forum - see the forum log-in page. Certain parts of the forum are restricted to access by particular family groups. If your de Freitas-connected family would like a private meeting area, contact the webmaster, Paul de Freitas, and request one. In any case, feel free to browse the general areas - in particular, if you are looking for information on a particular de Freitas, post a message in the Lost and Found forum. Perhaps someone will have the information you are looking for - Se nada for arriscado, nada estŠ ganhado!


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This web site is dedicated to the memory of CelÁo Lima de Freitas O.B.E. (Mil), sportsman, soldier, mentor.

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Paul de Freitas
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

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